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Servant PT Podcast

Sep 19, 2017

Episode 4 is a return to the roots of The Servant PT Podcast! It outlines 3 aspects of servant leadership and gives the listeners more insight into the Why behind the podcast.  Gentleness, patience, and instruction are 3 key components to servant leadership.  These components are expanded on briefly in this episode.  Jeremy Sutton gives a rundown of life over the last couple of months and what led him to the episode tonight.  This is a more personal account from the host and hopes to bring the audience closer to the speaker.  There are 3 shout outs to other podcast hosts that have been influential to the host.

Alex Engar of The Habit Hacked Podcast

Will Boyd of The Knowbodies Podcast & Breaking Student Debt Podcast

Felicia Wenah

Sponsors: Vivian Physical Therapy, Inc 

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