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Servant PT Podcast

Oct 29, 2017

Michael Hildebrand, PT, DPT graduated from physical therapy school in 2014 from LSUHSC in New Orleans, Louisiana.  He works at Glory Therapy in Monroe, LA, where he focuses his treatment on orthopedics and helping people in pain!

Michael is the LPTA Monroe District Chair.

He is married to his loving wife, Mary Margaret, who is a certified occupational therapy assistant.

He can be found on facebook on his personal page.

His blog is a


How did you choose what setting to work in?

Do you consider yourself a servant leader?

What are you most excited about in the profession of physical therapy right now?

Tell us about your Bat PT Blog.

Give us a description of the talk you gave at The University of Louisiana at Monroe to the Kinesiology students about what you wish you would have known before PT school.


Where can you reach the host?


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