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Servant PT Podcast

Oct 10, 2017


:30  Intro to Greg Redmond

3:25 Deciding to Start a Business

3:40 Veteran Values Make it Important to Give Back

4:05 Working in the VA System

4:45 Moving at Your Own Pace & Starting a Home Health Contract Company

5:32 Model for Successful Clinic Owner

6:12 Owning a Business is a Challenge

6:45 Eberhardt PT

9:27 Obstacles to Business

11:11 Leaning on Other Business owners

11:40 Success is Application not Knowledge

1310 Being Present for our Clients

14:14 Getting on the Train Together

14:32 Success is the Goal

15:52 Private Practice: Horrible PT vs Great PT

16:50 Private PT Evolves Weekly

17:43 Serving is so Important to Greg

18:29 Grit

19:40 Being the Most Passionate Person to Grow Your Business

20:18 Honoring Your Patients

20:58 Skinny Louisiana ™

22:22 Skinny Louisiana Dines

24:30 Expanding Skinny Louisiana

25:00 Favorite Skinny Louisiana Meal

27:15 Physical Therapists Doing More with Weight Loss: Good or Bad?

29:14 Community Outreach


31:00 Patients Have The Choice to go Anywhere

32:23 Private PTs: Hope you like to work hard

34:00 Giving Back

35:50 Finding Greg Redmond Online

36:20 FREE Cooking Demos

36:40 Phone for Eberhardt PT: 318*222*7422