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Servant PT Podcast

Dec 14, 2017

Compassion! Consistent! Caring!!!

All words that describe what everyone is doing at Dr. Barton's office.  Mike Angelo, PA really does a great job of answering questions that have me ready to sign up to be their patient!!!!

Mike answers these questions and a couple more.

1.What does taking care of people mean to you?
2.What is different about your practice and your responsibilities since you've moved to LSU?
3.Is their a specialty that your office has surgery wise? shoulder, knee, etc
4.How many surgeries a year do you perform?
5.What is the biggest factor in determining if someone is successful after a reverse total shoulder replacement?
6.What factors determine when and if you recommend someone have shoulder surgery?
7.When can someone return to their normal activities?
8.What are the 3 things that you could tell someone about what you do that would benefit them the most?
9.Do you always recommend surgery or do you try other options with your patients first? What goes into that decision making process?

Where can you make an appointment with Mike or Dr. Barton?

950 Olive St, Shreveport, La


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